Governor Film Awards 

Nation Building Film Festival

Lahore, Jan-March 2022

Project Reconnect Governor Film Awards 2022

AN Inter-University Film Competition

Theme: “Reconnect Pakistan”

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Project Reconnect is holding its first Short Film Festival to show case work of upcoming film makers. 

Project Reconnect will hold Film Festivals on regular basis to showcase inspired film content by upcoming film makers. Each festival will have a master theme as a general guideline for participants to make films. Apart from the Master theme, Participants may also choose from any of topics listed in the Themes section for their submissions.




Sheherezade Alam

Potter, Lecturer of Ceramics & History of Arts



Chief Justice ® Mian Mehboob Ahmad

Pakistan Movement Workers Trust

Faisal Javed Khan

Faisal Javed Khan

Senator, Media Professional



Shahid Zaidi

Filmmaker, Photographer, Innovator, Teacher


Naveed Qazi

Naveed Qazi

Filmmaker, Critic, Traveler both Physical and Spiritual.


RM Naeem

RM Naeem

Assistant Professor, Visual Artist


Saif ullah Ch

Saif Ullah Ch.

Deputy Secretary
Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust


WhatsApp Image 2021-02-23 at 5.20.14 PM

Syed Kashif Mohsin

Film Maker, Musician, Mentor





We as a nation need to reconnect with the idea of Pakistan to realize our roots so that we can move forward to achieve our destiny.
Currently Our Nation in general and Youth in specific have an identity crisis. Without clear identity we lack sense of direction and national purpose.
It is important to give perspective to our nation of who we are, what is Pakistan and what is the way forward.

Pakistan is no Ordinary Country

Pakistan came into being with a grand promise, an experiment in modern world, to become beacon of hope for humanity. Spiritually connected to core of Islam, 1947 saw birth of a new nation with diverse ethnicities and languages but connected only by the creed thus becoming net inheritors of 1400 years of rich legacies of all Muslim Communities. But somewhere down the road we have lost our way. Through this film competition we want to show case the 1000 year struggle which culminated on formation of Pakistan. We want to explore the spiritual side of formation. We want re discover the brilliance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and host of other towering characters with whom our younger generations have lost touch with.


Pakistan: A promise, An inspiration

  • Prophet Muhammad swt
  • Philosophy and Idea of Pakistan
  • The I in the name Pakistan
    Beacon of Hope

Depicting special events and personalities of Pakistan Movement.

  • Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Khilafat Movement
  • Allama Iqbal Travel Log to Spain and Cardoba and his dreams.
  • Inspiration behind Quaid-e-Azam’s return to Sub continent in 1934
  • Genesis Pakistan’s explores different characters who played roles which eventually led to creation of Pakistan. 1200 year Journey of Pakistan

Task  & Notes

Can we find any leads from the short story written above in order to build a film content for the nation to rise as a modern yet rooted nation?

The main point to produce film content based on the premise that by Unlocking the power of the universe using THE CODE, we can pave the way for the rebirth of Nation.

For Nation you may choose the meaning on modern nation state level or at a bigger ideological meaning.


March 1, 2021

Submission Deadline

June 8, 2021

Event Date

July 10, 2021

GFA Process and rules

Intra University

  1. Social media integration
  2. University branding
  • Each university will conduct intra film competition
  • For guidance can watch PR Back Ground videos
  • Invite PR team for student briefing
  • Step
  1. Concept approval
  2. Film submission
  3. All submitted films will have following branding
    1. Start slide carrying
      1. Name of the film, film maker, university
      2. Submitted for GFA 2022
    2. GFA logo through out the film in bottom right
    3. University Name [not logo] on bottom left
    4. Rights given to GFA
  4. to publish on PR SM accounts and streaming services
  5. Place sponsor logos on the films
  6. Use in any current or future PR content
  • Universities are encouraged to facilitate students in production
  • Universities can acquire services of Consultants to guide students from pool of consultants
  • Can adopt non-university film makers [rules]
  • Winner
    1. jury 50% weightage
    2. Voting 50% weightage
      1. Online
      2. Students, faculty, Families
      3. Best in each category Or top 3 films

Non Students

  • Can join any of the universities with mutual understanding and approval of PR
  • Or Compete in “GFA University”


  • Master Jury 50%
  • Online voting 50%
    1. From all university’s students, faculty, families


Films may only be submitted by individuals with the legal right to negotiate the use of the work.


Films will be judged by a panel of Jurists.

The festival will inform applicants by May 20 of May if their film is selected.

Awards & Prizes

Selected Films will Win:

1. Digital and Social Media PR.
2. International Recognition
3. Cash Awards and Much More…

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