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January-July 2022








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Theme: Reconnect Pakistan

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August 15, 2022 3:00 pm

Project Reconnect is holding its 2nd Short Film Festival to showcase the work of upcoming filmmakers.  The event will be held on August 15th, 3 pm at UMT campus. UMT is co-hosting the event. 

Project Reconnect will hold Film Festivals on regular basis to showcase inspired film content by upcoming filmmakers. Each festival will have a master theme and sub themes as a general guideline for participants to make films. 



Sheherezade Alam

Potter, Lecturer of Ceramics & History of Arts



Shahid Zaidi

Filmmaker, Photographer, Innovator, Teacher


WhatsApp Image 2021-02-23 at 5.20.14 PM

Syed Kashif Mohsin

Film Maker, Musician, Mentor



Saim Sadiq

Director, Writer & Cinematographer


Naveed Qazi

Naveed Qazi

Filmmaker, Critic, Traveler both Physical and Spiritual.


RM Naeem

R M Naeem

Assistant Professor, Visual Artist



Hiba Zakai

Educator, Seeker, Traveler, Civic Engagement

LUMS, Pakistan

aehsun talish

Aehsun Talish

Director, Producer, Actor


sohaib marghub NPT-2

Sohaib Marghub

Writer, Editor Magazine



Rasheed Noorani

Educationist, Writer, Film critic, Former CEP Director IVS

Karachi Pakistan

murtaza shakir

Murtaza Shakir

Film Director, Promoter, Media Arts Specialist

Karachi Pakistan

mazizhe ali

Manizhe Ali

Artist, Designer, Visual Anthropologist


Registration starts on Jan 10, 2022



We as a nation need to reconnect with the idea of Pakistan to realize our roots so that we can move forward to achieve our destiny.

Currently our nation in general and youth in specific have an identity crisis. Without a clear identity we lack a sense of direction and national purpose.

It is important to give our nation a perspective on who we are, what Pakistan is and the way forward.

Pakistan is No Ordinary Country

Pakistan came into being with a grand promise, an experiment in the modern world, to become a beacon of hope for humanity. 

Spiritually connected to the core of Islam, 1947 saw the birth of a new nation.  A nation of  diverse ethnicities and languages connected only by the creed, thus becoming the inheritors of 1400 years of the rich legacies of all Muslim civilizations.

But somewhere along the road we lost our way. Through this film competition we want to showcase the thousand year struggle that culminated in the formation of Pakistan.

Among other things we want to explore the spiritual side of the formation of Pakistan, and rediscover the brilliance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and a host of other towering personalities with whom our new generation has lost touch.

SUB THEMES/ Categories:

1. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Seerah and Pakistan

 + Impact of the life of Prophet (pbuh) on the founders and workers of Pakistan Movement.

 + How can life of Prophet (pbuh) help us improve todays Pakistan.

2. Pakistan: A promise, An inspiration

+ Philosophy and Idea of Pakistan

+ The “I” in the name Pakistan
+ Pakistan: A Beacon of Hope for  Humanity

3. Heroes and Events of Pakistan Movement

Depicting Special events and characters that were part of the spiritual journey of making of Pakistan.  

+ Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar’s Khilafat Movement

+ Allama Iqbal’s Cordoba travel log and his dreams

+ Inspiration behind Quaid-e-Azam’s return to the Sub-continent in 1934

+ ‘Genesis Pakistan’ explores different characters who played defining roles that eventually led to the creation of Pakistan, thus completing  a thousand year journey.

4. Pakistan Gift

+ Stories of Pakistan since inception

+ Fantastic personalities and events that launched Pakistan to new heights

+ Gift Pakistan, immense natural blessings of Pakistan


1st prize in any category Rs. 75,000

2d prize in any category Rs. 45,000

3rd Prize in any category Rs. 30,000


January 10, 2022

Submission Deadline

July 25th, 2022

Winners Announcement Date

August  15th  2022 (Tentative)

RFA process and rules 

The competition is primarily open to students through university registration.  Non-students can also participate through a special process. Complete registration and participation process will be published with the formal announcement. 

3 Step Participation Process

1. University Registration.

2. Intra University Selection and submission.
3. Inter University Final Selection by Jury and student voting.


Final winners will be given prizes at award ceremony

1. University Registration

  1. Basic University registration. A first step universities will register using this form.  Universities will receive a registration number.
  2. Universities will use registration number when submitting films on the later date.
  3. Social media integration:
    1. All participating universities will promote and highlight film competition process in college/clubs etc. social media accounts
    2. Including information and activities post from Project reconnect accounts
    3. Share posts on BTS filmmaking of students
    4. Participating Students profiles and shout outs.

4. University branding reciprocity

      1. There is no registration fee for participation against branding reciprocity understanding.
      2. Project Reconnect will run a 30 sec university promotional video on its SM accounts
      3. All participating universities will run promotional branded/sponsored content on its SM accounts in coordination with PR SM team.
      4. Universities will display GFA-2022 posters and streamers on university campus boards and appropriate places.

5. PR team may visit select universities for student briefing

2. Intra-University Process

Each university will conduct intra university film selection process in following steps

    1. Concept approval: Universities are encouraged to approve concepts on prescribed themes.
    2. Film should then be produced on approved concepts.
    3. Universities or students will use prescribed form to submit films. Submission will open from March 05, 2022.
    4. Universities are encouraged to facilitate students in production

3. Inter-University Process

  1. In March all submitted films will be judged by our Jury panel.
  2. Winners in each category will be judge as per following method
    1. Jury voting 50% weightage
    2. Student Voting 50% weightage

This will be conducted by online voting method. Details to be announced soon.  

Non Students Registration 

Non Students/Prosumers/ Under privileged/special children can also participate in this film competition. 

All interested are requested pre-register showing intent to submit films so that we can process the request in our database.

Winners in this category will be judged by Jury panel only

Film Submission  

All submitted Film content must adhere to following specifications. 

    1. Films must be based on prescribed themes and categories.
    2. Film content can be in Feature film, Documentary or Musical formats.
    3. Duration: 2 min to 15 min (flexible).
    4. Film content Films could be already produced or new productions.
    5. All films must have sub-titles in English.
    6. All submitted films will have following information.
      1. Name of the film
      2. Filmmaker name
      3. Duration
      4. University Name
      5. Submitted for GFA 2022
    7. Rights given to Project Reconnect
      1. To publish on PR SM accounts and streaming services
      2. Place sponsor logos on the films
      3. Use in any current or future PR content

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