This Platform will play a conducive role in development of film content in all its formats; short films, feature Films, TV content etc.

Following are some of Themes we have identified for development of meaningful film content. As we network more areas may be added to the theme section.

 1.  Lost Islamic Civilization

Exploring glorious era of Muslim states when these were center for art, science and culture. Understanding the principles which originated from Riyasat-e-Medina which led to formation of several Muslim States around the world and made Muslim Culture as dominant civilization for over 1000 Years. We have glorious characters like Ibn batuta through which these epic stories can be told.


2.  Heroes

Research and identifying known and not so known character from history which helped changed the course of humanity.  Characters that have inspired generations to become better selves. Characters which were epitome of integrity, sacrifice and dedication.


3.  Contemporary Issues Facing Pakistan and Muslim Communities

    +  Islamophobia

    +  Countering the Cultural onslaught.

    +  Ethics and Character building

    +  Real progress in Economic, Science & Technology and Social behavior



4.  Pakistan: A Beacon of Hope

Depicting special events of Pakistan Movement to highlight the importance of ‘Idea of Pakistan’ and that Pakistan is no Ordinary Country.


Pakistan came into being with a grand promise, an experiment in modern world, to become beacon of hope for humanity. Spiritually connected to core of Islam, 1947 saw birth of a new nation with diverse ethnicities and languages but connected only by the creed thus inheriting 1400 years of rich legacies of all Muslim Communities.  But somewhere down the road we have lost our way.


We want to show case the 1000 year struggle which culminated on formation of Pakistan. We want to explore the spiritual side of formation. We want re discover the brilliance of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and host of other towering characters with whom our younger generations have lost touch with.

5.  Pak-Turk Connect: WE (Wisdom Exchange)

There are series of events and character going back 1000 years that have intertwined Muslims of Sub-continent and Ottomans. The current manifestation of this deep rooted relationship has taken the form of Pak-Turk Brotherhood.


We would want explore the dynamics and mystical history of this relationship. A relationship that manifested, in one of many ways, in the relationship of Maulna Rumi and Allama Iqbal, and epitomized in the form of Khilafat Movement lead by the Johar Brothers.

6.   Prophet Muhammad

Life of Prophet Muhammad  have been source of inspiration and commitment for Muslims through the Islamic time line.  We believe we must invest in projecting the person of Prophet Muhammad  to our next generation, to West and world at large.

We envision an integrated international Campaign on Celebration of Life of Prophet Muhammad Using the full spectrum of Film, Art and Cultural products.